This script creates/provides patched firmware binaries for the Cowon D2 (or D2+) digital audio player.
Replacing the firmware of your player with one of these files allows you to use Rockbox on your D2/D2+.
Much more information can be found on the iAudiophile fan forum, here.
For user-created patches specific to the D2, click here. For the FPS game "Doom" on your D2, click here!

-> Read Before Installing

To install Rockbox on your D2/D2+:
  1. On your D2/D2+, go to Settings -> Information and take note of the "Version".
    This is your "firmware version". For more information please click here.
  2. Click here, find your firmware version and click the excited smiley image.
    Unless you use a theme created by Cassini, ignore the "Cassini" type downloads.
  3. Install the firmware files to your D2/D2+ in the same way as normal Cowon firmware.
    Never installed firmware before? Click here: D2 | D2+
  4. Download the latest Rockbox build and extract it to your SD card.
    Unsure how to extract? Click here. No SD card? Click here.

To start Rockbox:
  • Switch your D2/D2+ on and immediately slide the hold switch into the "hold" position;
    you should see the orange Rockbox logo while it loads.

To start the Cowon Firmware:
  • Switch your D2/D2+ on as usual.

To uninstall Rockbox:
  • Delete the ".rockbox" folder from your SD card.
  • Remove the Rockbox bootloader by re-installing the original Cowon firmware.
    I've compiled an archive of old and new Cowon firmware here: Firmware Archive